Which nutrients improve hair health?


Maintaining healthy hair always remains as one of the most impossible task to achieve. Several factors such as genetic factors, use of cosmetics containing harsh chemicals are the reasons behind hair damage, with unhealthy dietary practices topping the list. From Ayurveda to cosmetics, there is a huge array of products that claims to improve hair health, though the effectiveness of these products still remains doubtful. Products such as hair serum, shampoos and conditioners with different active ingredients are being launched in the market every day, but not many of these products turn out to improve the hair as promised in the ads. Instead, it is damaging the hair further more because of the synthetic chemicals it is made up of. The environment adds on to hair damage with its dry heat and air pollution causing the hair follicles to get dried and weak.

Unhealthy dietary practices such as consumption of food that is rich in fat and devoid of vital nutrients required for proper growth of hair is the prime reason behind hair damage. Studies suggest that consumption of junk food also impacts hair health. In order to get a naturally enriched hair, the diet consumed should have sufficient amounts of high biological value proteins, which is the key component of hair. The diet should also be rich in certain vital micronutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B3. Though micronutrients are required in small amounts, their deficiencies affect the normal functions of our body to a great extent, and hair health is one factor that gets impacted.

Hair health could be improvised by proper diet, that is rich in high biological value proteins, healthy fat, minerals such as zinc and iron, vitamin A and vitamin B complex. Nutrients with antioxidant properties such as selenium, vitamin E and vitamin K will also improve hair health, as antioxidants encourage growth of new hair follicles. Obtaining healthy hair through a balanced healthy meal is the best and natural way, rather than the cosmetic counterparts, as there are several side effects caused by these products.

DISCLAIMER : This article is not based on real time studies.